Wait...I think I can see the sun behind the clouds

Things are definitely starting to come together.

The Dubblejay Shop is sporting its small (well, miniscule actually) inventory [one item].
Dubblejay Comics and Dubblejay Games are champing at the bit and rearing to go.
Which leaves Dubblejay Books, on which the whole enterprise is turning. Without going into too much, i.e. any, detail, once I've finished the current book project, I'll be able to start posting on a weekly schedule.

What I really want to do is to post here on a Friday - a kind of, sort of 'State of the Blog' affair, Comics Tuesday and Thursday, Games Wednesday and Books on Monday. The weekend will be for email newsletters - which will be a free subscription service of behind the scenes drawings etc. [for those people who find a whole weekend's wait to be a burden they'd rather not bear].

In the meantime, while we're waiting for the planets to align, the paint to dry and the grass to grow, here's a little something to tide us over.

Drawn while Isaac played in
'Jolly Jester's'
(and, yes, they got the apostrophe right)

The intention was to develop this into a full-blown digital painting. It's possible that might happen someday. Possible, but unlikely. There are just too many other things to take care of. If you're in any way inclined to taking a shot at making this work as a painting (digital or analogue), be my guest. I've licensed it under the Creative Commons badge and you can modify it as long as you share it afterwards [I would very much like to see what you come up with]. Happy modifying, painting, crayoning etc. <== the old fashioned way of writing 'whatever'.

Until next time.

JJ Over and Out