Ramble On

Hello Friday Lovers.

If you visit this part of the site, you should expect tales of my day-to-day exploits as an online publisher. And that was my original plan when I started this thing. The trouble is I don't seem to get up to much in the way of exploits. Unless you count the extra spicy sweet and sour noodles I had for dinner tonight.

Which goes some way to explaining why I'm thinking of making this more of a review thing. That way, I can save the 'behind-the-scenes' stuff (stories, sketches and whatnot) for the newsletter I want to put out (which will be free to subscribers and probably only interesting to the dedicated few).

I'm hoping that the reviews will have a broader appeal. And since this is primarily a comics-centred site, that's what the reviews will mostly be about. And when I say comics I mean strips. If you want to read comic book reviews, there are literally hundreds (well, tens anyway) of sites to choose from (including my two favourites - Diversions of the Groovy Kind and Steve Does Comics). I'll probably try and fit in some thoughts about any books I'm reading too, but for the time being, it's going to be mostly comic strips.

I'll start next week with my all-time favourites strip, Peanuts. An ambitious choice to start with, I'm sure, as so much has already been written about Charles Schulz's magnum opus. What I can possibly say about it that is in any way new or relevant, I have no idea. Maybe it'll just be old and irrelevant. You can find out for yourself next Friday when I step up to the mark and offer my two-penn'orth to the discussion. If nothing else, it'll save the internet from blow-by-blow descriptions of my meal times. They were very spicy noodles, though.

See you next Friday.
Over and Out